Construction Progress of Evermore Park

July 27th, 2017

In other news, amazing progress continues to take place on the build site. As more structural and garden work gets underway, it’s thrilling to think Pleasant Grove will soon be home to this incomparable park and we wanted to give you a glimpse at one of the more unique structures going in:

This is a model of the “Enchanted Tree” which will be found in our Fantasy Garden, one of the many explorable areas of Evermore. With magical spaces like these around every corner, Evermore will be a place ripe for adventure.  

Enchanted Tree: Initial artists’ sketch.


Water Mill blueprint design.


Like many of the structures within the world of Evermore it will change with the seasons allowing for the discovery of new characters, sights, and stories. Though don’t be surprised if a few fan favorites stick around from event to event, after all Evermore will be a living, breathing place where these personalities truly call home.

So much has gone into the planning of Evermore down to the smallest stone and plant. We really want Evermore to feel like a real piece of history. Hundreds of authentic European artifacts from ornate pillars to creepy gravestones have been carefully hand selected to add to the richness of this fantastical world. When our founder Ken envisioned the construction of the park he knew what would separate his from all others; a place with genuine relics and incredible stories to go with them. As fantastical as Evermore will appear, it is in the truest sense a very real place.

Aerial view of Evermore’s construction site.


Evermore Park Map overlay of construction site.


Evermore is one of the largest theatrical stages on earth, a stage that the audience gets to walk on and interact with the cast/characters, yet the intimacy of the setting provides for an immersive experience filled with amazing detail. That means every year, every experience, you will be crafting your own stories and they will never be the same. It is a “choose your own adventure” on the grandest scale and every visit will be different from the last.

Evermore Park Map.


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Lydia Nielsen

I’m so glad this is moving forward! Which part of Pleasant Grove is this in? This is a different location then the one before that was just right of the freeway exit right?

John Underwood

What an Awesome Place!! So Glad it is being built!!! Cant wait to attend the events at the park!!

Lanita L Johnston

I am a huge fan of fantasy, myths, folklore, ect. so I am super excited to see it open and depending on when it opens I hope to visit for my sweet 16!

Evan Sanford

I am really looking forward to everything about Evermore. I love fantasy and adventure. I have dreamed of creating and participating in themed/immersive experiences like these since I was a kid. I’ve always felt it would be incredibly satisfying to bring fantasy and adventure to life. I would love to contribute to Evermore in a significant way as an employee or even a volunteer.


Go for it Evan. A great use of your computer skills and more.

Karin McLean

Hello! Is the big building being built near the corner of that property in PG, part of Evermore?