Evermore Creative Studio

July 21st, 2017

Speaking of excited, we just had to give you a peek at Evermore’s Creative Studio. So many talented people are hard at work creating the creatures and characters that will help bring Evermore to life. Leading the charge is our Practical Effects Director, Logan Long. No stranger to the camera, Logan was a finalist on season 8 and competitor on season 11 “All Stars” on SyFy channels hit series “Face Off”.


Logan Long working on the ‘Pooka’ creature as part of the cast for Evermore’s LORE.


From baby dragons to dangerous river monsters this is where all the magic happens. Beginning with concept art, to sculpture, to final product the process takes place completely in house. This allows us to hold a strict level of quality and deliver something truly memorable to our guests.


Troy Larson sculpting Evermore’s baby dragon.


It is a state of the art facility unlike anything currently in Utah or surrounding areas. We are unique in that we are able to deliver cutting edge Hollywood effects, including top of the line animatronics for use in props and future character work for all of our upcoming events. When taking part in an Evermore experience, it will be as if you have stepped directly in to a fantasy film.

Because of our hands on involvement with this process we will always be able to bring fresh and new adventures to the park year after year. So unlike conventional theme parks there will always be something original and exciting to discover beyond the gates of Evermore.


Dave Strebel detailing a Goblin character for Evermore’s LORE.


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Nancy Gray

I’m so excited for this… Face off is my favorite show and to know you have Logan Long on the site is so cool! I can’t wait to see his work. Just wish I could watch him in action!
Evermore is going to be awesome. We need a place like this and as for me..I’m beyond thrilled.

Connie Paradise

My brother Pat just told me about Logan being a big part of this new Theme Park. He is Logan’s Father and my brother. This looks like it will be an awesome place to visit. Logan is my nephew and I’m so very proud of him as all of his family are!! He is master at his creativity. I can’t wait to visit “Nevermore” someday along with the rest of our extended family. Congrats Logan!!!!!! Aunt Connie & Jake xo

Daphne Kraft

I just stumbled on this and I can’t believe something like this is happening. I’m an Arts Tech major in college and this is like a dream – definitely going to keep my eyes on this place. My little artist’s heart is excited. Plus, this just sounds like a very interesting and unique park!

Stephanie Taubert

Exciting to see practical effects!! Reminds me of when I worked at ILM and got to watch Lorne Peterson and Fon Davis work in the model shop. Looking forward to seeing the progress.