Ken Bretschneider – Founder & CEO

July 21st, 2017

We would also like to take a moment and officially introduce you to our founder Ken Bretschneider and give you a quick glimpse into the early inspiration for the park.

This love for theatrics started at a very young age. Ken grew up in a fishing village in Ontario, Canada where his best friend’s father would create magical experiences at his home for holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. The effort put into these little productions filled a young Ken with a sense of awe and imagination and in those moments the seeds for Evermore were planted.

Being quite an entrepreneur he has worked in film, video games, VR and owns a record label to name just a few of his diverse projects. He has built successful companies from the ground up such as DigiCert and of course most recently THE VOID.

In 2013 Ken held a Halloween event in which over 11 thousand people from around the state of Utah came to experience. All of the sets and props were built by Ken, his friends and family, yet reached the quality of a hollywood level production. The following year, Ken took it to another level by creating the first Evermore Pumpkin Fest. It was held on the very grounds in which Evermore is currently being built and offered a glimpse into the possibilities of what could be created at Evermore.


Ken Bretschneider with his family in front of the Victorian Graveyard experience as part of their home haunt in 2013.


Interior view of Ken’s 2013 home haunt.


Sunken Pirate Ship at Ken’s 2013 home haunt.


Now Ken is able to bring that concept to life on a much grander scale. He wants to deliver that same sense of awe in a fully designed, immersive environment where people of all ages get to experience that magic and wonderment first hand. Now that his childhood dream has become a reality it’s with great excitement he welcomes you to Evermore.

We hope you enjoyed this first preview of Evermore, many more details coming soon …

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